Family SUP Adventure Packages

Step into nature, find the awe

Time: AM (8am- 11am) or PM (6pm – 9pm) your choice of morning or evening                                                        Price: $75.00/full 3 hours – $30.00/per 1 hour                                                                                                        Experience Level: Beginner, Light Cardio Ability 

The Close To Home package is designed for a beginner SUP rider but will give you all the adventure aspects of the more advanced packages without having to go out on the open waters and paddle long distances. There will be a lot of focus on SUP skills such as paddling, foot placement, balancing and understanding the weather activity. During this adventure we will seek out different species of wildlife, we will study the waters and the resident flora and fauna – educating and explaining the absolute need to protect our waters. We want all of our SUP Adventurers to walk away from the experience knowing and having a deeper, intimate connection with our wonderful ecosystem. 

Time: AM (8am- 10am) or PM (6pm – 8pm) your choice of morning or evening                                                    Price: $75.00/full 3 hours – $30.00/per 1 hour                                                                                                Experience Level: Intermediate, medium cardio ability 

Roam The Home Waters package will get the paddlers on to more open waters as we explore more distant areas, such as: Big and Little Arrowhead Island, Bowstring River, Birds Eye Lake, and the boot of Sand Lake. We will paddle far but not super hard and fast, a comfortable pace will be set. Ecological study will be ramped up a bit in this package, as we be able to study more diversity of the lake. This package is perfect for people that love to explore and want to get a little bit of a work out, but not too much.

Time: AM (8am- 11am) or PM (6pm – 9pm) your choice of morning or evening

Price: $100.00/full 3 hours – $40.00/per 1 hour

Experience Level: Intermediate – Advanced, Heavy Cardio Ability

If you are ready to paddle hard and get a excellent full body work out then this, Tear Up The Home Waters, package is perfect for you. This package is designed to get you to sweat while you cruise through the beauty of a north country lake. We will paddle long and hard but also take the time to take it all in. For this package you must have previous SUP experience and working knowledge of different paddling strokes.        

Time: Full Days

Price: $400.00                 

Experience Level: Intermediate – Advanced, Medium to Heavy Cardio Ability             

This is the real deal explorer package. This is a rise early in the morning, travel to undeveloped, wild lakes, and discover what most never will. The lakes we travel to can be very remote and have none to very little traffic on them, it is just you and nature. These adventures are intended to be focused on exercise, wildlife and sightseeing equally, but if the customer is more in the moderate cardio ability the exercise level can definitely be turned down.

Guide Policy

Sand Lake Lodge is proud to offer our adventure based stand up paddle boarding guide service focusing on family fun and connection. We like to think that our adventures are built with three different parts (1) Ecologic study – we believe in the health of the ecosystem that we are surrounded and blessed by, it is our goal to learn and grow from it, to protect it, and savor it. We are excited to share this study with you and your family/group. (2) Exercise – stand up paddle boarding offers you with an extremely well rounded full body work out. While out on an adventure you will be encouraged to reach your full athletic ability. (3) Family Connection- to us it is critical to spend time adventuring and learning as a family whole. Each member of the family or group brings amazing individual strengths and weaknesses to the adventure, these strengths and weaknesses should be celebrated and encouraged throughout the experience, we as individuals learn greatly by both our successes and our shortcomings. 

Each adventurer will be supplied with a paddle board/w paddle that will be outfitted to create ease in the experience. It is highly encouraged to have your own life jacket designed for paddling but if you do not have one we can supply you with one, though we cannot guarantee perfect fit. We recommend you have the necessary warm weather clothing that can cover and protect you from the sun and rain (we bring long pants, long sleeve shirts, neck gaiters, SUN GLASSES, big brim hats (straw), shoes that can get wet, heavier socks (to protect against insects at certain times of the day, rain jacket and pants). Being prepared is critical to the overall experience, we try to be prepared for all weather. Thunderstorms and lightening will be the only inclement weather that will get us off the waters.

More important information:

  •  For all guide trips, we require a 50% deposit at the time of booking and the balance due thirty days prior to the trip.
  • All and any cancellations must be made within thirty days. If you need to cancel for any reason, we will make ever effort to re-book your spot on that particular day. However, if we are unable to find another client to fill your spot, we will not be able to return your deposit/payment and full payment will be required.
  • In case of weather/poor paddling conditions, we will try to re-book you for another day or another time. If we cannot do that to your approval, you are entitled to a full refund of your deposit/payment.
  • We cannot be held responsible for lost or broken equipment while on a guide trip. You use your gear at your own risk.
  • Stand up paddle board, paddle, crate to hold rod and other equipment, anchors, and sock anchors will be supplied. If you have your own board you can definitely bring and use your own SUP.
  • For safety precautions all clients are required to wear a life jacket (PFD), and ankle leash at all times while on the paddle board during the adventures.
  • All clients must sign a liability waiver before participating in a Sand Lake Lodge adventure. 

For more information please feel free to email us directly at

*all prices are subject to change